Twemoji Awesome

Like Font Awesome , but for Twitter Emoji . Works with Emoji Cheat Sheet .

Written by Elle Kasai , a UI designer/developer based in Vancouver, Canada .


Twemoji HTML
<i class="twa twa-heart"></i>
<i class="twa twa-lg twa-sparkles"></i>
<i class="twa twa-2x twa-hatching-chick"></i>


The emoji styles are defined in twemoji-awesome.css. Like Font Awesome which uses fa-*, Twemoji Awesome uses twa-* for class names.

Twemoji Awesome uses Emoji Cheat Sheet for the class names. You must replace underscores with hyphens, as shown in the :hatching_chick: example.

Like Font Awesome, you can change emoji sizes via twa-lg, twa-2x, twa-3x, twa-4x and twa-5x.

Twemoji Awesome uses SVG images as background-image, and some browsers don't support this. Images are served from MaxCDN (big thanks ).

Code licensed under MIT. Graphics licensed under CC-BY.


Thanks to @chibicode for revising my English.